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*All classes, lessons and tutoring is scheduled by calling Antonina directly* 


Programs for Children

Italian lessons are a great way to introduce your child to two life enhancing experiences: the ability to speak a foreign language and its culture through the likeness of the Montessori method.

Italian is a good language for children because the vowel sounds are based on phonics.  It’s also an excellent language for singing, which will be used to reinforce the basic words and phrases your child learns.

For those that are Italian-American, you as a parent will be able to show your children the history of the contributions of Italians and their work ethic. 

Each session will emphasize the basic of sound with history and geography with unique Italian traditions such as folkloric dances. 

By participating in this program, your child will…

·         Gain confidence from performing

·         Learn about a different cultural and heritage

·         Become familiar with another language

·         Develop an artistic sensibility

TUTORING:Tutoring is available for children who study Italian in school but need some extra help after hours. Please call for details, and costs will be based on personal evaluation.

Online Classes and ESL Tutoring

Pintetina is now offering Conversational Italian lessons via the internet! All lessons will be conducted using SKYPE, which is free and allows us to see each other. If you are interested in learning the Italian language please send us an email to info@pinetina.org with your name, phone number and your SKYPE name.


I will call you on SKYPE to personally evaluate your Italian and discuss scheduling as well as show you my teaching method. You will only be grouped with people at your level. Everyone gets a discount for paying for a group of lessons in advance as follows:


3 lessons in advance                 5%

5 lessons in advance                 10%

10 lessons in advance               15%

Senior citizens get 10% off after the above discount. All payments are made via Pay Pal.


English as a second language is available and costs will be based on personal evaluation.

Cooking Classes

Learn the secrets of old world cooking at Pinetina, where you will be introduced to authentic recipes from Southern Italy.  We personalize our classes, so what you learn to cook will be something you’re sure to like, whether it’s salads, soups, sauces, appetizers, or entrees. 

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the worlds healthiest: authentic dishes from the region emphasize whole grains, vegetables, olive oils, herbs—all of which are the “right” carbs! And, without a doubt, Mediterranean dishes are simply delicious!

We’ll help you prepare for any culinary challenge, whether it’s as simple as making an antipasto plate or hosting a dinner party for persnickety friends.

Looking to cook something special during the week but you don’t have the time?  Our classes focus on complete meals that can be prepared in about 20 minutes without sacrificing taste or nutrition. 

·         Learn the secrets of Mediterranean cooking including:

·         When to use herbs (and when not to)

·         Eating in season

·         The best way to cook fresh fish

·         The secret to delicious broccoli rabe

·         How to cook eggplant dishes without frying

Added bonus: For each meal we prepare, we’ll show you how and where to buy the ingredients and what they’re likely to cost.  We’ll also tell you how to store your food without freezing.  Pinetina classes in the culinary arts can be conducted in your own home!  Invite as many friends as will fit comfortably into your kitchen.  Antonina and Annalisa are available to come directly to client's homes and prepare customized meals for small or large dinner parties and events.

We also offer culinary classes for children! 

Costs vary depending on type of meal selected; the average price of $50 per person which includes ingredients, cooking demonstration – and eating, of course!

Italian for Travelers

This course will be outlined to meet your specific travel needs. This is a semi private class, with no more than 4 students at one time.  Flexible scheduling. This course is for 4 weeks for $125. Please call (609) 402-6654.

  1. Learn most used words while travelling
  2. This course will focus on reservation, airport, car rental, hotels, etc.

Italian for Seniors

All levels basic conversation, no grammar, no homework. Come and learn this beautiful language for $10 per hour. Monday form 11 am to noon. Thursday form 10 am to 11 am.